So you want to be an #authentic leader? Know your own story, and live it flexibly!!

So many of us talk about being authentic, as if it is the most important quality of a leader. But what does it mean to be authentic in the challenging roles and relationships we have to navigate as leaders? This short video answers that question by showing you how to master your leadership story, and live it with flexibility, power, and yes, authenticity!

Contact me at to find out how storyweaving your leadership performance can help you find your unique authenticity, and use it to build successful strategies to support healthy change and navigate your career!




  1. […] Imagine how that fearful, business-hungry networker would have fared if she’d been able to be authentically open and playful instead of authentically closed down! We need to cultivate a flexible authenticity, not an authenticity based on a rigid story about ourselves or our identity. […]


  2. […] as a consistent personal performance. It almost always involves shifting habits and positions in order to respond to real-world crisis, conditions, and relationships. Michael Cohen, who led badly in service of a man who cared more about business and fame than […]


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