Can a Drag Queen be a leader!? Just ask the #KinseySicks…

The Kinsey Sicks, a Dragapella political satire group, have a lot of fun and share their irreverent take on history — based not only on fabulous singing but current statistics and ultra-conservative rhetoric.

If you’re tired of progressives making fun of conservative politics, don’t listen in. But if you need a laugh, and some serious talk (yes, you get to see the men behind the personas in this interview….), you’ll see an interesting take on leadership. Because smart satire does make a difference!


Satire makes you a little uncomfortable, skewering hidden attitudes as well as the obvious stereotypes of conservative values.

It reminds us to laugh at ourselves while we think about serious issues.

And it takes ideas to an extreme that shows their real power and danger, even as it seems a little ridiculous.

It stands up to tell truth (as the performers see it) to power. That’s activism, through serious play.

What do you think? Is it only entertainment — or is it in itself, a kind of leadership?


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