Faith Matters: Foundations for Good Leadership

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, a foundation of faith can lead to good faith leadership practices! It’s a timely message, because we’re so often faced with politicians and other leaders who claim a faith that doesn’t “trickle down” to their actions.

Whatever a leader’s faith might be, if the spirituality has integrity, it will have the same good results:

Flexibility, Confidence, Self-Control, Focus, and Courage are the five characteristics faith can bring:

“1. FLEXIBILITY: They can shift between thoughts, circumstances and events quickly. A top performer has no time for drama drag. It takes faith to shift like a gazelle from one thing to the next. globalisation4

2. CONFIDENCE: They have confidence in what they’re doing and learn to ignore their critics. We all need trusted advisors who help us to go farther and be better. But every person with an opinion doesn’t deserve to be in that trusted spot. If we don’t have faith or confidence in the things we’re doing in business, we’ll never achieve the level of success we were created for. We all need more faith than fear.


Dalai Lama

3. SELF-CONTROL: They know the value of self talk. How we talk to, about and with ourself daily is a big linchpin between the mediocre and the excellent. Anyone who wants to master his or her performance and go far in life must learn to direct the self talk. Our self talk matters. The voice we believe matters.

4. FOCUS: They can operate within constant change and not lose focus. A top producer and leader have to be able to focus. If you are uncomfortable with change, you either have to get past it or rethink your future if you are aspiring go be a powerful leader.

Malala Yousafzai,-1762934

Yousafzai in Birmingham on the way to school

5. COURAGE: They have courage in the war of doubt, fear and discouragement. Leaders agree that self-doubt never ends. Faith is important because your dreams and business plans will be attacked. No one has ever gotten to a place of influence and success without first walking through a lot of criticism, self doubt, fear and even insecurity. What we lean on is critical.”

Does your faith give you a foundation to lead with dignity, integrity and courage? Leaders can build a strong foundation through a connection with the divine, whatever they imagine that to be, if they have the moral integrity and clarity that true faith provides.


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