#PussyRiot on US Elections: New Video Irreverently Celebrates Women’s Wisdom and Power

Warning: if the P-word offends you, this V-word music video will get your blood running hot! Pussy Riot, the brilliant feminist activist group that protests for free speech, equal rights, and democracy in Russia, has responded to Trump’s grab for the P-residency and women’s P-rivates with a video celebrating women’s power. The refrain? “Don’t be stupid, don’t be dumb. Vagina’s where you’re really from!”

It’s not about sex, though. It’s about fearless respect for women, and reacts to the fearful, abusive, casual exploitation that is Trump’s brand signature, and the source of the glass ceiling we’ve shattered over and over.

It’s art about leadership, folks, and art AS leadership. Check it out…


  1. Thank you #PUSSYRIOT, just what this Gramma needed. Rock on!


  2. A Lioness is a pussy!


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