Corporate Power Suggests Moderation to Corporate Power: Marriott’s Arne Sorenson’ letter to President-Elect Donald #Trump

It’s important to remember that it’s human nature for leaders from certain levels of elite status prefer to speak to people on their own level. It’s an unusual leader who can step up or step down to share power across class barriers, across polarizing issues, to build bridges between the fear of difference and the true celebration of diversity.

merlin_15698568That means this letter from billionaire Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson may be one of the most powerful demonstrations of leadership to connect with self-declared billionaire President Elect Donald J. Trump’s celebration of white supremacy. He writes:

“To many of us it is not clear what political philosophy guides you – at least with respect to traditional Republican or Democratic labels – other than the useful goal of making America better. Having listened to you on the campaign trail, I wonder whether a more definitive philosophy might be that the federal government’s role in our daily lives should be limited. Let’s not have the government act unless it is uniquely capable of taking positive action to address an issue.

While many conservatives would instantly agree with a philosophy like this, it should extend to areas that are a bit more controversial. A case in point: The government has no business in our bedrooms – or our bathrooms. Everyone, no matter their sexual orientation or identity, has a right to live without interference in their private lives. Similarly, everyone, no matter their sexual orientation or identity, gender, race, religion or ethnicity should have an equal opportunity to get a job, start a business or be served by a business. Use your leadership to minimize divisiveness around these areas by letting people live their lives and by ensuring that they are treated equally in the public square.”

To read the whole letter, click here

What do you think? If the richest men and women in America step up and stand up to Trump’s bully leadership, will that make our democracy more likely to stay inclusive? Or is there another leadership solution that we must develop to open up dialogue between our polarized leaders and followers?



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