Forbes Reports: Professional Social Media Presence Essential for Good 21st Century Leadership


Be careful how you play online!

The United States has a president who tweets, all the time, in the way that any celebrity might tweet. His latest, checked while I am writing this blog, advertised his interview on Fox News before the Super Bowl (“Enjoy!”), and commented on the judge who have put a hold on the Muslim ban so it can be examined for constitutionality, “If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!”

In the meantime, major changes in governance, foreign policy and domestic regulations continue, as they would with any new election. Now is his time to convince those who didn’t vote for him that he is everyone’s president, communicate with supporters, and galvanize support for his reforms and new policies. Twitter is one of his most visible performances, and one of his most controversial.

It seems to be his signature strategy, and whether it will work to sustain his presidency has yet to be seen. For those of us with less power and perhaps more to lose, it’s a good time to review what experts in business and professional communication on social media say about how to use twitter to support our leadership.

According to Forbes, a professional social media presence is vital to effective leadership in the 21st century.

“Demonstrating restraint, kindness, professionalism and moderation online never used to be a leadership requirement, but I believe it may be one of our most important to set an example at work, at home, and to others who watch what we say and do. Now more than ever, the lines are blurred between our social and professional selves.– John O’Connor, Career Pro Inc.”

Let’s review smart etiquette, beyond the general rule of keeping it short and remembering our tweets will live forever. The Guardian had a great list of things to consider, including:

“Watch what you tweet

Be careful about what you post or you could lose friends, fall out with your family and maybe lose your job.

Don’t go overboard

Try to listen to what others are saying as well and go for quality rather than quantity.

Don’t be selfish

Tweeting constantly about yourself and your business is just going to alienate your followers. If anything, it looks like spam and can come across as selfish. Twitter supports the new business world of sharing and collaboration, so keep that in mind when tweeting.

Be generous

Use opportunities like #FollowFriday (#ff) to be generous to your followers and those you are keen to connect with.

What’s rude in real life is rude on Twitter

Passive-aggressiveness has no place in the real world and the same applies on Twitter. Rude, sarcastic or underhanded tweets should be avoided at all costs. If you’ve got a problem with someone, don’t whinge about it on Twitter. If someone has a problem with you, block them and move on with your life.”

Read more….

It’s a no-brainer, I suppose, for most of us, but worth revisiting as we lead on in a challenging time.

Onward… Let’s do good work….


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