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Can We Simply Lead?

Leading with authentic spirit means leading with love, which ultimately means leading simply. No matter how many theories we weave, no matter how complicated the tasks we must accomplish, the process is simple (but not easy). The path of great leadership, even great visionary leadership, is marked by presence, that is, leading by being, being […]

The “E” in Leadership: Engage Fully

None of us can get meaningful work done if we don’t connect. But burnout claims us all at a certain point, and sometimes engaging fully in any real conversation just feels too complicated. To followers, it might seem we do it on purpose… but the reality is that no leader in his right mind wants […]

Managing With Aloha: An Excellent Resource

A few years ago, I met Rosa Say, when I was visiting the Big Island. She’s written an excellent guide for using aloha in business practices, focusing on management. The focus on management is purposeful — leadership is too general, she says. In her blog, “Talking Story,” she comments that she loves managing, but has […]

Aloha Leadership: from the top of the mountain…

From the summit of Mauna Kea, the sky becomes the landscape. The mountain once was the limit of our human imagination, crowned by stars. Now it is the ground from which we leap into the unknown, with aloha and a sense of adventure. Leadership is a visionary act that transforms the landscape of a community. […]