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Faith Matters: Foundations for Good Leadership

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, a foundation of faith can lead to good faith leadership practices! It’s a timely message, because we’re so often faced with politicians and other leaders who claim a faith that doesn’t “trickle down” to their actions.

Margaret Wheatley: What’s so bad about fear?

In her article, “Eight Fearless Questions, ” (Edge Magazine, 2013), Margaret Wheatley models some remarkable questions. Even more remarkable, she doesn’t answer them — she invites us to hang out in the question long enough for it to offer up  surprises and insights. This was my favorite one in the list. What’s so bad about […]

Who is at the Center of Your Leadership? The Dalai Lama on Creating Happiness

We all want to be trusted, to be seen as helpful, to be effective leaders and to create ethical relationships. But the problem is, most of us want all this on our own terms — powered by our own definitions of trust, helpfulness, effectiveness and ethics. When we’re so focused on ourselves and our personal […]

A Re-Born Leader: The Story of the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama’s book on leadership (supplemented by tweets and talks and much thought and blogging) comes out of a life of discipline, struggle, exile and acute observation. His extraordinary life has led to grounded, practical insights about who we are and who we might become. Using the bio on his website as a guide […]

Spiritual Leadership: the Dalai Lama on Being a Good Leader

Spirituality is a human resource that fuels personal and professional success. Whatever a leader’s faith, spiritual practices offer a foundation for authenticity, inspiration and transformation. Leadership from a spiritual base, whatever the faith, establishes a foundation of consistency and integrity rooted in the values of a particular worldview. It’s a kind of authenticity that inspires […]

Altruism and Leadership: Service and the Alleviation of Suffering

This quote crossed my desk today, from the intriguing little book, The Pocket Dalai Lama. I often turn to this great leader (scientist, philosopher, visionary) for plainspoken truths. “ALTRUISM AND INNER PEACE We humans are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others’ actions. We survive here in dependence on others. Whether […]