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Managing Collaborative Overload: #HBR on Knowing When and How to Give

There’s a lot of wisdom out there about the power of giving as part of powerful leadership collaboration. “Although givers are the most valuable people in organizations, they’re also at the greatest risk for burnout. When they don’t protect themselves, their investments in others can cause them to feel overloaded and fatigued, fall behind on […]

Can a Drag Queen be a leader!? Just ask the #KinseySicks…

The Kinsey Sicks, a Dragapella political satire group, have a lot of fun and share their irreverent take on history — based not only on fabulous singing but current statistics and ultra-conservative rhetoric. If you’re tired of progressives making fun of conservative politics, don’t listen in. But if you need a laugh, and some serious […]

Innovative Roadblocks at the New York Times: Best Intentions, Hard Times

What’s challenges your innovative leadership goals? Are you and your organization immune to an ecosystem mindset? John Geraci, who worked at the New York Times from 2013-2015, has a few thoughts about his, according to his article on HBR. “Companies with the organism mindset are too slow to adapt to survive in the modern world. […]

Make Peace with Hierarchies

Originally posted on The HSM Blog:
Despite all the talk about the strength of peer networks and the new technological utopia in which increased connectivity yields instant equality, power is still often a zero-sum game. In fact, getting organisations to do away with hierarchies is proving to be next to impossible. Notwithstanding the rich example…

On Saying Yes: Fight the Fear

Source: On Saying Yes: Fight the Fear

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

Originally posted on The World of Special Olympics:
John Franklin Stephens The following is a guest post in the form of an open letter from Special Olympics athlete and global messenger John Franklin Stephens to Ann Coulter after this tweet during last night’s Presidential debate. Dear Ann Coulter, Come on Ms. Coulter, you aren’t dumb…

Cozzee: Forbes celebrates a new socially responsible business leader

What if business didn’t just serve the financial bottom line, but was an opportunity to lead in solving social problems? Cozzee, a social business offering 100% of it’s profits selling coffee to worldwide causes (hence the name!) is one of the new businesses cropping up who believe that’s not only possible but necessary. Pioneer banker […]

The Arc Of Transformation

Originally posted on DCulberhouse:
Embed from Getty Images At some point in time, deep and disruptive change will come a calling, be it for our civilizations, our societies, our cities, our institutions, our organizations, our systems, structures, processes and even for us individually.  And most often it is both inevitable and unavoidable.  The only question…

From Disconnected Hierarchies To Connected Ecosystems

Originally posted on DCulberhouse:
“In nature there is no “above” or “below,” and there are no hierarchies. There are only networks nesting within other networks.”  -Fritjof Capra ‘The Web of Life’ For far too long we have fabricated and forged a false hierarchical flow to contain and control our organizations and institutions.  We’ve created silos,…

11 Signs That It Might Be Time for a Motivation Tune-Up

This is very useful — and always timely! Motivation is often misinterpreted and mismanaged. We imagine our “followers” should be motivated by what motivates us — and we respond to the challenges of connecting performance excellence with mission and culture of an organization. I particularly like the tip — don’t impose your values! Sometimes this […]