The Leadership Honeycomb will become a series of small, local networks, built from small groups of visionaries who gather together to brainstorm, strategize and share positive solutions to the problems we face now, locally and globally. These groups will create a web of intimate think thanks, with equal leadership and a commitment to supporting each other as we build our individual and group visions for sustainable, healthy change.

The leadership honeycomb is a necesary place to grow our best solutions to current challenges. It is not a networking organization, civic group or mastermind gathering. Although there may be moments for these kinds of support in any given honeycomb, the point is to challenge ourselves and each other to stand up in the big questions that drive our visionary and activist ideas.


There are many visionaries in the world now, with powerful ideas for change and optimistic, transformational potential. Unfortunately, there seem to be even more people willing to believe positive change is too hard, or even impossible. What we need is a space where innovative ideas can thrive, where the assumptions built into well-meaning civic groups (often simply networking and fundraising opportunities) won’t limit our thinking and planning.

The human genius is both individual and collective. We can find ways through the negative thinking that hobbles our politics, educational systems, communities and collective mindsets. It can happen when committed people come together to awaken our highest, wisest, bravest and most visionary selves, in the service of transformational pragmatism and optimistic exploration. What we cannot do from our isolated rooms, we can make possible through a honeycomb of connection and courage.

Pragmatism should always be in service of innovation; optimism should guide conversations about possibility. In a world where despair and frustration too often stop us from stepping up to the larger issues we face as a species, the Leadership Honeycomb structure will provide a space for hope and change.


Each group will self-select its members and its practices, goals and support needs. There will be no rules, only a shared intention to support each other as visionaries. 

That intention should focus on three key commitments:
1. To help each other develop our passionate ideas
2. To ask big questions that open up possibilities and curiosity
3. To honestly and constructively support each other in grounding our visionary ideas when it is time to test them in practice.

As more people accept the invitation to form groups, the honeycomb will grow, connected via a networked Honeycomb website with services to strengthen our alliances and plans. Around each honeycomb, local events and actions will be led by members, supported in different ways depending on each honeycomb’s collaborative plans.

It’s up to each group to decide how to support positive change. There is the potential for shared activism, divergent solutions, information sharing, testing and refining possibilities, support for each of us individually and together, creating a paradigm shifting “we” while supporting the actions of each “I,” with the energy of the “we” expanding with each group in a network of creative force.


It’s possible to make the unknown more like an adventure, more like a collaboration, if we are willing to sit together and listen to each other, share our visions, and risk/test/explore creative possibilities. As the organization builds, we will link into existing networks, like 350.org and the World Cafe, both virtually and in person, supporting healthy shifts and bringing activism, education, spirit, science and sustainability into healthy, sustainable transformation.

This concept came from my vision of an interconnected honeycomb, dripping  hope like honey into the world. Honey is more than a sweetener; it is also a healing agent, and the result of a lot of hard work from a dedicated community. Honeycomb leadership therefore starts with small groups of talented, passionate people who choose to get together and support each other in becoming sacred leaders to bring about healing and new paradigms to face the crises we face as a species.

The first honeycomb has formed in the Washington, DC area. Are you interested in creating one in your community? Email me now to receive a kit to help you structure and form your own group.



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