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Antidote for #Leaders Behaving Badly (You know who they are!)

Body Language: The Only Honest Message Leaders Can Trust

I’ve been a teacher most of my adult life, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s this — pay attention to the messages students are giving in their body language! Although a few people can trick us with their physical attention as much as their words, it’s body language that helps us measure whether we’re […]

From the Dean: Be Watchful, Restless, and Relentless

Originally posted on Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership:
by Vince Boudreau, Dean, Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership Over the years, we’ve brought scores of accomplished men and women to visit students in our leadership programs.  Most of these men and women—businesspeople, policy makers, lawyers and public servants—come with some…

Visionary Leadership: Seth Kahan on the Pragmatics of Innovation

One of the most difficult challenges of good leadership development is bridging vision from theory into clear, effective practice.Too many managers fail in leadership initiatives because they’re applying techniques they only  understand as theory. The key to becoming a better leader is finding ways to live the values and beliefs behind the vision. That means […]

Discerning Leaders Choose What’s Best for Them — Even if Their Mentors Disagree

It’s happened to all of us — we go to our mentor asking for help, and get advice that just feels wrong. It’s frustrating. We want them to know us and affirm our instincts — and sometimes, we want them to protect us from our instincts! But the most important thing we need to remember […]

Ashton Kutcher on Leadership: Tanveer Naseer on Unlikely Sources of Inspiration

Today, I want to share a remarkable viral event: Ashton Kutcher’s advice while accepting his Teen Choice Award this August. The video has inspired millions of hits — watch it on YouTube!  His “insider secrets” are pretty amazing — all about what he learned before he was famous, when his official name was still Chris […]

Leadership with Spirit: Beginning with our Own

How does time help leaders? Three answers: patience, skill-building and self-care. Patience: the knowledge that things don’t happen all at once… Leaders who insist on speedy results when speedy results are impossible lose out on teachable moments, which means they lose followers with potential. Let’s assume you pick your team members carefully enough that their […]