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Democratic Afghan Activist Malalai Joya: the Power of a Woman’s Voice

Malalai Joya (a pseudonym to protect her family from Taliban backlash) has been fighting both Taliban rule and US occupation for more than a decade. She was the youngest female MP (from 2005-2007) and continues to speak out for democracy, most recently at the First Middle East Women’s Conference in Turkey, organized by by DÖKH, […]

Reluctant Leaders: Women Under Post-Taliban Still Struggle

In Afghanistan, desperation fuels change. Kevin Sieff’s Washington Post article details a horrific story from Kabul. Farima, 17 year old girl who dreamed of being a doctor, was trapped in a pre-Taliban promise for marriage, and leapt from her roof to kill herself rather than marry her fiance. Instead of dying, she broke her back […]