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Obama Wakes up The Voters: The “Romnesia” Effect

By invoking the term that op-ed columnists, twitter activists and bloggers have been using for a year or so, Obama is demonstrating to prospective voters that heʻs the kind of leader who: 1. Has a sense of humor. 2. Pays attention to the language and ideas that are galvanizing discussion. 3. Says it like it […]

The Google Authenticities of Barack Obama

Authenticity, whether hopeful buzzword or sincere leadership quality, is one of the measures weʻre taking of our two presidential candidates. Hereʻs my first scan of authenticity and Obama. (Iʻll write more about this, and about Romney, as the campaign continues.) Because Romneyʻs been challenged on his authenticity since he entered the campaign, whenever he has […]