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Antidote to the Bathsheba Syndrome: Nathan as Spiritual Leader

Soldier and businessman David Petraeus has become the poster-dude for the David Syndrome (also known as the Bathsheba Syndrome, in popular parlance.) Now, thanks to CDR Stallard and Major Sanger, in the Marine Corps Gazette,  we have a spiritual view of the antidote, the Nathan Solution. The Nathan Solution hearkens back to the Bible story […]

David Petraeus Cartoons: A Picture of the National Distraction

How can we properly thank the cartoonists who capture a current moment in history, with a clever slant that wryly shows us who we are now. Reminding us of other less delicious, more entrenched scandals… Or demonstrating our distraction from more life and death issues… Or pointing out an oddly paradoxical naivete of leadership… Or […]