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How to Get Out and Stay Out of the Leadership Box

Hereʻs a radical idea; innovation isn’t about solving problems — it’s about staying in the “problem space” long enough to see what’s really going on, and then taking action. According to Bart Barthelemy and Candace Dalmagne-Rouge in HBR,“as you start thinking of a solution, you unconsciously begin shutting off possibilities for getting a deeper understanding […]

Ode to Joy: Peter Bregman on Rafael Nadal, and the Courage to Feel

Yesterday, Peter Bregman made an impassioned call for emotional freedom in his Harvard Business Review essay, “Nadal is Strong Enough to Cry: Are You?” And what a day to do it, the 12th anniversary of September 11 when our emotions and memories might well be as strong as Nadal’s sobbing joy at winning the US Open […]

Bring Your Soul to Work Part 6 – Embrace Hope

Hope is one of those experiences that is neither a quality nor a skill, but a state of mind. We canʻt point to where it is, but we can see when a leader has it — as in the case of Malala Yousafzai, who has every reason to fear, and chooses hope instead. This post […]