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Who is at the Center of Your Leadership? The Dalai Lama on Creating Happiness

We all want to be trusted, to be seen as helpful, to be effective leaders and to create ethical relationships. But the problem is, most of us want all this on our own terms — powered by our own definitions of trust, helpfulness, effectiveness and ethics. When we’re so focused on ourselves and our personal […]

Ten Signs You’re Committing Leadership Malpractice

This is a great metaphor for leadership challenges — malpractice! It pulls in a story about ethics that we associate with doctors and lawyers, but probably ought to consider for all leaders in positions where they might “do harm” to people and communities through neglect or misbehavior! Read on… Blanchard LeaderChat mal·prac·tice (māl-prāk’tĭs), noun any improper, […]

Irreverent Leaders Speak Truth to Power: WWPRD (What Would Pussy Riot Do?)

Pussy Riot is a brilliant, controversial model for a viral art movement, irreverent, organized and leaderless. In honor of the madness of today’s full moon, here’s an inspiring and irreverent cartoon from the Guardian. Adapting the phrase WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?), popularized in the 1990s by Dan Seaborn, Jeffrey Lewis has created a cd, […]

Whistle-blowers: leaders paying a price for ethical choices

Emily Wax, in the Washington Post today, tells the story of two whistle-blowers who had to transform their lives when they stepped up to tell unpopular truths, and had to step down from the powerful positions that made them privy to those secrets. She profiles Thomas Drake, who revealed waste and fraud at the NSA, […]

Bathsheba Syndrome: the Military Challenges Itself

I’ve discussed the Bathsheba Syndrome from a lot of different leadership perspectives, and recently discovered some interesting discussions particularly from a military perspective.  These resources suggest that this “syndrome” is  “cured” or “prevented” by creating accountability in relationships  and having a clear sense of personal ethics. The most thorough is a YouTube panel discussing the […]

The Bathsheba Syndrome, a Modern Obsession: Sexuality, Morality and Leadership

Ever since the David Petraeus Scandal last November, there’s been a lot of buzz about the Bathsheba Syndrome and the ethical lapses of powerful married men in the military and politics. The fall from grace is blamed mostly on the disconnection of the powerful from moral standards, a psychological disorder of power. But there’s levels […]

Journalists as Thought Leaders

In her August 11 editorial, Alexandra Petri asks, “How should we talk about our Olympic women?” Itʻs a call for equity and integrity in journalistic leadership. Petri writes: “For many athletes, the Olympics mark the moment when they become celebrities. It is a moment we have not yet mastered, when they climb out of the pool and […]