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#HilaryClinton as a leader… what it means to be a woman leading now

The Atlantic’s special project tracking women in leadership now is a great way to understand some of the controversies and benefits of the historic possibility of Hilary Clinton as our first female president. “Who run the world?” Beyoncé asked half a decade ago. She was confident of the answer: girls. While her prophecy has not […]

Leadership and Veterans: As Women Join the Ranks, New Challenges, New Leaders

“What did you do in the war, Mommy?” shouted the headline from yesterday’s Parade Magazine. According to Barry Yeoman, who profiled two female vets from Iraq and Afghanistan, “the real battle begins after they come home.” But, as the women profiled explained, there were plenty of difficulties establishing themselves as leaders in a sexist, dismissive masculine […]

Gabby Douglas: Sports Celebrity Leader or Smart Capitalist?

Or both? You be the judge…. According to her website, here’s the update on Douglas’ accomplishments since her Olympic wins. 1. She’s published a book, written with Michelle Buford.  In it she writes: “For now, here’s what you need to know: Exactly 210 days before I ever attempted my first vault in the London Summer […]