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India’s Failure In Disaster Recovery Management

Originally posted on Sonia Jaspal's RiskBoard:
Floods in North India have left over 70,000 people stranded and 550 dead. Loss to property will run in billions. The on-going rescue efforts are yielding results but very slowly.  The uncoordinated recovery response and efforts indicate lack of disaster management capabilities of the state. India as a…

Leadership as Cooking, but Gourmet? Not!

It’s official: the mess is not getting any cleaner. If leadership is like cooking, Obama is overwhelmed by the number of pots in the kitchen. I suppose it’s inevitable. At least according to cartoonist Adam Zygus, he’s got three big problems: 1. No one’s helping. OK, maybe too many cooks spoil the broth, but one […]

Global Warming: What Leadership Do We Need?

Eugene Robinsonʻs editorial in Fridayʻs Washington Post rang a bell in me. I have been thinking hard and long about the difficulty weʻre having as a species to deal with global warming, and what that means about our leadership skills. I wonder if we have to learn to be a new kind of leader in order […]