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What would the world be like if Celebrities took tips from Jennifer Lawrence?

This post from a 13-year old blogger impressed me. Her comments about celebrities changing the way we live adds a lot to my thoughts about the leadership powers of role models. Some people think it’s too much to expect celebrities to be leaders not just lucratively marketed public figures. But the power of that visibility […]

Greenwashing: the Eco-bandwagon and discerning followership

A few days ago I wrote about eco-leadership; now I want to talk about eco-followership. With green products becoming a trend in marketing, the line seems thinner and thinner between earth-friendly consumerism and consumer green-washing (that slimy brand brainwashing that makes money by pretending to be green). (Whether consumers are followers or leaders or both […]

Is it Leadership or Just Regular Crazy?

What would we do without Scott Adams to bring us down to earth about the ways we, as part of organizations and in the greater cultural vortex of human advancement, (mis)manage our development!? I admit it, Iʻm an idealist, with my theories and practices of sustainable leadership, community-centered aloha leadership, and the most challenging of […]