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What are you willing to do to make your life better?

As usual, Elumn8 hits the nail on the head when he says, “Your “better” should rise from within. The call to a new way of being may be triggered by some outside source but the voice you follow should be your own.” This is the process of being authentic as a leader — not narcissism, […]

“Do you even know what Ms. means?”

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On a recent conference call to discuss the advancement of women, one of the attendees said to me, “I’ve seen your posts and you seem to care about women’s issues.  But do you even know what Ms. means?  Do you know the history of feminism?” Now, the person…

Four Steps to Developing Yourself and Others

This article offers some practical ways to develop leaders, and I really like that. Of course, practical rarely translates into easy, does it!? Understand yourself, of course — but what a process! Build Relationships — yes! and that means building skills, opening your heart and mind to diversity, and finding commonalities even with the most […]

The Pragmatics of Power: Leading from the Follower’s Role

David Bradford, on “managing up” in the workplace, makes some powerful points in the Stanford Business Review, about subordinate relationships with bosses. In essence, this is a business world view of courageous, creative followership, or more accurately, multiple leader relationships that make a difference between a successful company and a chaotic one. “We want to […]