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Transformational #Trump: The Contradictions Behind the Mask

Taking Donald Trump seriously means looking behind the mask to the contradictions that make him both entertaining and dangerous as a leader. According to the Economist, “Mr Trump’s secret sauce has two spices. First, he has a genius for self-promotion, unmoored from reality (“I play to people’s fantasies. I call it truthful hyperbole,” he once […]

Of masks & magic: Uldus Bakhtiozina makes images that poke fun at stereotypes

Leadership in art is visionary when it surprises us into transforming our perceptions of the world, like this extraordinary, playful work! It reminds me of how we are shapeshifters, but hold that fact as if it is a secret, forgetting that the art of leadership authenticity is about expressing the surprising paradoxes of who we […]

Follower attitude: more than a mask

We all mask our thoughts at work, but sometimes it’s just hard to survive unless we entirely disappear… It’s worse when the boss praises us for the empty mask. Adding insult to injury… Here are three ways to resist resorting to the ridiculous, and disappearing into cheerful followership: 1. Realistically assess the tasks and skills […]

Leadership: Itʻs Debatable

Tonight, President Obama and Candidate Romney will publicly debate on prime-time TV. What should we look for, if weʻre looking for good leadership qualities? 1. Listen closely, and observe which debater dodges what question: according to NPR today, viewers tend to notice ONLY when the answer is really at odds with the question, because we […]