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Senior Leadership Should Be Shaken, Not Stirred…

James Bond used to want his martini’s “shaken, not stirred,” and that was sexy. It’s less so when you are the one being shaken, which is the uncomfortable, optimal performance standard for effective senior leaders in top positions. Whether CEO, General, or Mayor, people of power need to be willing to be shaken up on […]

Mapping the Spirit of Leadership

This blog explores the spirit of leadership — that is, what is the heart and soul of great leadership? How do we make sense of leadership failures and successes, expectations and disappointments? All of us, leaders and followers, are caught in a web of myths, challenges, visionary goals and contradictions that we must face with […]

Good Advice for Leaders: Write Your Own Script!

In her Washington Post column on Wednesday, Sally Jenkins attributes Gabby Douglasʻ bad fall on the balancing beam to demoralization. The attacks on her hair, and the “racial narrative, the rags-to-riches narrative” imposed on her combined to reduce her “from gleaming to grim.” Itʻs a powerful argument, that a small story imposed on someone in […]