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Good Advice for Leaders: Write Your Own Script!

In her Washington Post column on Wednesday, Sally Jenkins attributes Gabby Douglasʻ bad fall on the balancing beam to demoralization. The attacks on her hair, and the “racial narrative, the rags-to-riches narrative” imposed on her combined to reduce her “from gleaming to grim.” Itʻs a powerful argument, that a small story imposed on someone in […]

Social Media: Collective Voices Calling for NBC/Olympic Leadership

Check out UPI.com blogger Kate Stanton’s article, #NBCfail: NBC’s Olympics coverage gets social media backlash to see an excellent critique of NBC’s weak leadership in Olympic coverage. She writes: “NBC has decided to air most of the Olympics’ major events in prime-time to maximize viewership in the evening hours when most people are home–which means more revenue from […]

NBC Makes “Nice:” Why Such Weak Leadership?

Yesterday I had dinner with a friend, who showed me the video of the missing dance from the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Choreographer Akram Khan’s powerful tribute to the victims of the 7/7/2005 terrorist attack in London was replaced by an interview with Michael Phelps — and not a particularly interesting one, either. I could find no […]