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Originally posted on The Future of Leadership is Collective:
Often people tell me they are not creative – particularly when they have been asked to paint a picture during a workshop. I feel with them, because I also hate to be forced to be creative on command. Image by mat_walker ? ? ? ? ?…

Leadership & Self Deception: The Invisible Poison

Originally posted on KXW :
By: Conrad Jones Leadership & Self Deception – What does it really mean? let’s talk about how to avoid the frustration, embarrassment, and headache of sabotaging your leadership success by exploring self deception and the way it secretly poisons your ability to lead others. Have you ever been in a situation…

Leadership Tensions: Paradoxes That Keep Us Dancing with our Leadership Story

“Leadership Freak” blogger Dan Rockwell offered an intriguing list of leadership tensions this week: The Ten Tensions of Leadership: Tenacity and kindness. Vision and openness. Kindness and candor. Passion and quietness. Analysis and initiative. Planning and people. Solitude and relationships. High expectations and helpfulness. Decisiveness and listening. Focus and flexibility. In the lively discussion afterwards, […]

Ashton Kutcher on Leadership: Tanveer Naseer on Unlikely Sources of Inspiration

Today, I want to share a remarkable viral event: Ashton Kutcher’s advice while accepting his Teen Choice Award this August. The video has inspired millions of hits — watch it on YouTube!  His “insider secrets” are pretty amazing — all about what he learned before he was famous, when his official name was still Chris […]

Change without Leadership: How Fearful Leaders Create Failure

Models, frameworks, restructuring — oh my! Too often, this is leadership a la Wizard of Oz — all bells and whistles and sacrifice by everyone but the leader hiding behind the curtain, all to mask the fact that not enough assessment has been done to facilitate change without creating panic and despair. Good leaders take […]

Now Available: The Leadership App

Here’s a great take on leadership as a practice, not only a skill or personal quality, more than the ability to project a vision or a personality that causes followers to push themselves further. This blog discusses leadership as learning to let go — in many ways a quality of being. As he says, “Bring […]