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Leadership and Veterans: As Women Join the Ranks, New Challenges, New Leaders

“What did you do in the war, Mommy?” shouted the headline from yesterday’s Parade Magazine. According to Barry Yeoman, who profiled two female vets from Iraq and Afghanistan, “the real battle begins after they come home.” But, as the women profiled explained, there were plenty of difficulties establishing themselves as leaders in a sexist, dismissive masculine […]

When Leaders Fail: Is There a Point of No Return?

Sometimes I think American ideas about leadership are relentlessly optimistic. We believe that authenticity guarantees meaningful success, and we tell the story that visionary leaders are heroes who muster the stamina to fail and rise again, better than they were. We celebrate creative followers for taking risks that make the world better. But we rarely […]

Legacies and Traumas: Myanmar and Aung San Suu Ki

25 years after the unrest of 8.8.88, Myanmar is beginning to define itself as a new nation. Aung San Suu Ki is one of the most known internationally known leaders, but there are many who witnessed and survived the difficult years that birthed Myanmar, once Burma, from a dictatorship to a struggling democracy. Leadership in […]