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Update: Pussy Riot on Putin’s Leadership (and “Leaderless” Activism) on the Colbert Report

The punk rock political activist group, Pussy Riot, came to the USĀ  to share their perspective on the Olympics, after getting international attention for their disruptive, disrespectful protests (a.k.a hooliganism, punishable by imprisonment and forced labor in Putin’s Russia). Or, as they said on the Colbert Report, “We sang a fun song in a church.” […]

Update: Pussy Riot Activists Denied Parole — Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s Speech at the July Hearing

Pussy Riot, the punk anti-Putin, pro-democracy activist band, still has two members in “re-education” facilities, on the charge of hooliganism, after a protest in Christ the Savior Cathedral in February, 2012. (Watch the protest on YouTube). They have been denied parole. (For an interview with the three members who remain in hiding, click here.) I’ve […]

Punk against Putin: Feminist Girl Group Pussy Riot’s Dissident Leadership

Last week, two members of Russia’s activist feminist punk group, Pussy Riot, visited Washington, DC to galvanize support to free the two women still imprisoned.And last night, these remarkable, in-your-face activists were profiled in an HBO documentary. It’s art as dissidence, leadership as rocking against Putin’s machine. From the article: In DC, they discussed such […]