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New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders: Three Ways to Increase Your Impact in 2017

New Year’s Resolutions: probably the most broken promises in the world, next to campaign promises! But if you’re a leader who believes your word matters, there are ways to keep your feet on the ground, your head in your vision, and your integrity matched with your goals. Here are three kinds of resolutions that will […]

Relationship tips for entrepreneurial leaders

An article in Entrepreneur Magazine argues that effective leaders always make relationships a priority.    “You tend to achieve your top priorities. So even though it may be hard to admit your need other people, you’ve got to make them a priority.” Their advice: BE REAL. BE A GIVER. BE APPRECIATIVE. Great leaders know this, […]

Sink or swim? Great leadership and organizational healing

I just finished watching, The Secret Language of Words, a film about surviving violence, finding love and the fine balance between healing wounds and living with the aftermath of trauma that can never be forgotten. It’s not much of a leap to one of the biggest challenges for leaders, rebuilding an organization after a traumatic […]

Four Steps to Developing Yourself and Others

This article offers some practical ways to develop leaders, and I really like that. Of course, practical rarely translates into easy, does it!? Understand yourself, of course — but what a process! Build Relationships — yes! and that means building skills, opening your heart and mind to diversity, and finding commonalities even with the most […]

Six Steps to SPRING Ahead in Your Work Relationships

This is a great reminder that at work, as in our other life, we need to remember to simply be human with each other: smile, share, be grateful, be personal (connect through commonalities!) and inspire. Isn’t it just this — complex? As complex as paying attention, building connections. As simple as being present, being awake […]

Jesse Lyn Stoner on Leadership Drift: Five Questions to Get You Back on Track

In her Switch and Shift blog, author and biz consultant @Jesse Lyn Stoner explains a few of the causes of “leadership drift,” related to “team drift,” but reflecting an imbalance in your inner satisfaction, motivation and integrity as a leader. Leader dislocation can come from positive changes or negative circumstances, but the common characteristic of drift […]

Holistic Leadership: Bridging Theory and Practice in Effective Team Relationships

Leadership Theory — can’t live with it, can’t live without it! Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes, when theory waxes theoretical, and practice waxes pragmatic, and the bridge between the two feels pretty rickety! I believe it’s worth the struggle to build an exploratory place for the two to connect — praxis, as […]