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Zombie Romney: Joss Whedon reveals the real reason behind Romnesia

Viral “Zomney” Satirical Video on YouTube At its best, artist leadership is equal parts entertainment and cogent argument. Writer, producer, director Joss Whedon combines them both to comic and gut-punching effect in his viral Oct. 29 video, Whedon on Romney. It’s all over the blogosphere, the newspapers, twitter, email — not just because it’s funny, but […]

Leading with Lies: Romney Marketing Debate Misstatements as Positive Policy

The key misstatements Romney is turning into campaign criticisms: Today, Glen Kessler of the Washington Post, tracks campaign ads that reproduced Romney’s debate misstatements. He writes: “When readers ask whether we get annoyed that politicians often ignore fact-checking criticism, our answer is always the same: We write for voters, not politicians. Politicians are not going […]

Obama Wakes up The Voters: The “Romnesia” Effect

By invoking the term that op-ed columnists, twitter activists and bloggers have been using for a year or so, Obama is demonstrating to prospective voters that heʻs the kind of leader who: 1. Has a sense of humor. 2. Pays attention to the language and ideas that are galvanizing discussion. 3. Says it like it […]

Binders full of women: Romney’s leadership blinders where women are concerned…

Mitt’s Binders and the Missing Women Amy Davidson’s New Yorker blog says it best: “For Mitt Romney, in the second Presidential debate, women always seemed to be elsewhere. This was not the only reason that he lost the debate—and a chance to put the election away—but it was one of them.” If you look at […]

Romnesia: The Self-Made Millionaire and Leadership Myopia

A Justifying Myth for Millionaires: The Self Made Man? George Monbiot‘s remarkable political analysis of the myth of the self-made millionaire jumped into my email box thanks to a friend who’s been tracking my leadership blog. In “Mitt Romney and the Myth of Self-Created Millionaires,”  Monbiot writes: “We could call it Romnesia: the ability of […]