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Bad News for Women in the US: Leadership Roles More Limited than Other Countries in the World

Chad Brooks from Business News Daily reported this week that “U.S. businesses aren’t doing very well at putting women in leadership roles. It’s surprising news to those of us who like to imagine that the we lead the world in democratic economic reform and equality. It’s time we wake up and smell the sexism! In […]

Food, Revolutionary Food.

Originally posted on All Quiet On The Wench Front:
Doctor: “What will you eat for dinner?” Marion Wallace-Dunlop: “My determination.” July, 1909. The following contains descriptions of invasive procedures with a sexual overtone which some readers may find upsetting. Maria “Masha” Alyokhin, 24 year old Pussy Rioter, has ended her hunger strike after eleven days. She renewed interest in…

Reluctant Leaders: Women Under Post-Taliban Still Struggle

In Afghanistan, desperation fuels change. Kevin Sieff’s Washington Post article details a horrific story from Kabul. Farima, 17 year old girl who dreamed of being a doctor, was trapped in a pre-Taliban promise for marriage, and leapt from her roof to kill herself rather than marry her fiance. Instead of dying, she broke her back […]