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Surviving Workplace Bullying: Real Tools for a Real Problem

This is a great TedX talk about bullying that all of us might use against so-called leaders who bully us into despair and submission, and colleagues who do not stand up for us when we need them, or perpetuate the bullying. Workplace bullying is inexcusable, but far too common. These tools will help us all […]

What can shake up a morning commute? A TEDx takeover on the Maxi Taxi

When we keep our leadership ideas in the boardrooms and conference rooms we keep it away from the larger discussion with the diverse communities we crave. Here’s a great blog about a TEDx conference that played presentations on a bus, or MaxiTaxi, in Port of Spain Trinidad. I found it really moving, having worked both […]

These 6 TED & TEDx speakers just won MacArthur’s “genius” award

This just proves that Ted and TedX, with its emphasis on interesting ideas on the innovative fringes and shifting center of society, is part of a social network that gets ideas and idea-makers into the marketplace. Who says visibility doesn’t increase leadership opportunities?