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Character, Psychological Competence: More comments on The Transforming Leader

Ginette Paris, author of Heartbreak and Wisdom of the Psyche, wrote in her review of The Transforming Leader: “Contradictory perceptions reveal one thing: that leadership is as nearly impossible a task as parenting. Nobody can do it without mistakes! But a `good enough” leader is a gift that can make a huge difference in our […]

Review of “The Transforming Leader:” Transformational Leadership Communication

From the website Anobii, a review of Carol Pearson’s edited collection, which includes my article about shapeshifter leadership: “Overall, The Transforming Leader reframes the challenge of leading in today‚Äôs interdependent, unpredictable world. Its message is that if we update our thinking, enhance the quality of our being, deepen our sense of relatedness with the ecology […]

Carol Pearson Interview about Transforming Leadership and Archetypes

Carol Pearson was recently interviewed by Dr. Cathy Greenberg and Relly Nadler about The Transforming Leader, the 2012 collection about cutting edge leadership she edited. I’m proud to be in such good company as a contributor. In the interview, Dr. Pearson also talks about her work with archetypes and leadership, and the instruments she’s developed […]