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Originally posted on The Future of Leadership is Collective:
Often people tell me they are not creative – particularly when they have been asked to paint a picture during a workshop. I feel with them, because I also hate to be forced to be creative on command. Image by mat_walker ? ? ? ? ?…

The Power of ‘Third Places’

Originally posted on DCulberhouse:
Creativity is unleashed not only through the mindset we engage…but the environments we create. Creativity is not always an individual sport. It is often the result of collaborative clashes and conversational hit-and-runs. Our ongoing flow of ideas and creativity is often as much an accidental occurrence as it is from our…

Shifting the way we co-create

Originally posted on The Future of Leadership is Collective:
When I work with change agents from around the world one question always comes up in evening conversations – how can we shift the way we co-create? How can we more successfully collaborate, become collectively more intelligent, overcome territorial fights, mal- communication and island solution? I…

Three Reasons Leaders Should Remember Their Dreams

Today, I want to offer a suggestion that I’ve not yet encountered in the leadership trainings I’ve taken or the leadership development theory I’ve read. It’s out there, I’m sure — probably usually in the subtext. It’s a tool I’ve used with my coaching clients, and with my colleagues at Pacifica Graduate Institute. And it […]

Three Tips for Today’s Leaders

Originally posted on The Hot Spots Blog:
By Lynda Gratton As a business professor, I’m often asked about the nature of leadership today. When I think about what it means to be a leader right now, the first thing that comes to mind is complexity: today, leadership means being prepared to deal with many stakeholders…

Ten Signs You’re Committing Leadership Malpractice

This is a great metaphor for leadership challenges — malpractice! It pulls in a story about ethics that we associate with doctors and lawyers, but probably ought to consider for all leaders in positions where they might “do harm” to people and communities through neglect or misbehavior! Read on… Blanchard LeaderChat mal·prac·tice (māl-prāk’tĭs), noun any improper, […]

Do Scandals Really Hurt Leading Men? David Petraeus New Life…

According to the Washington Post’s On Leadership blog, David Petraeus is making out like a king seven months after the scandal that titillated the US and “outed” US Military ethical problems. In April, he announced he would be joining the City University of New York’s Macaulay Honors College for a one-year position as a visiting […]