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Journalists as Thought Leaders

In her August 11 editorial, Alexandra Petri asks, “How should we talk about our Olympic women?” Itʻs a call for equity and integrity in journalistic leadership. Petri writes: “For many athletes, the Olympics mark the moment when they become celebrities. It is a moment we have not yet mastered, when they climb out of the pool and […]

The Leading Edge on Title IX

Here are some places to go to find out about leaders and legislation battles for Title IX: A great interview from CBS Seattle with the Seattle Storm’s owner, Ginny Gilder, about her leadership of her team and a fascinating protest of women athletes at Yale in 1976. An interesting summary of legal history of Title […]

Title IX: Does Making Space for Women Make Space for Men?

In the Washington Post, July 29, Megan Greenwell argues that Title IX made room for female athletes, but inspired men to shoulder out female coaches making an interesting argument to highlight the “natural” selection of leaders in a time of cultural change. She writes: “And there’s the dirty little secret of Title IX: Female coaches […]